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Shipping / Hand Carrying Puppies

Please note that as of October 1, 2018 the last American airline carrier that allowed the shipment of Chows via Air Cargo (meaning in a cage in the belly of a plane) was AA, American Airlines. However, as of that date, they added the Chow breed to their “Snub-Nose List”, which is a listing of closed-face breeds like English Bulldogs & Pekingese, which are banned from shipping via Air Cargo due to their perceived risk to possible respiratory issues. We disagreed with this policy change since we only raise “open-face Chows” not the “closed-face”! Nevertheless, many of our clients have already taken advantage of this new opportunity and it appears to be working fine for us, our clients, and the puppies. This affords an excellent opportunity for bonding on one’s return flight back home and the cost is very comparable to former Air Cargo shipments. It is also much less traumatic for the puppy!

Presently, there are three different options for picking up your puppy:

  • Your first option will be to drive here to our kennel and pick up your puppy in person. This is the cheapest method.

  • Your second option is to fly to Dayton International Airport (approximately 20 minutes from our kennel) pick up your puppy and hand carry it onboard the aircraft on your return flight back home. If your layover between arrival & departure flights permit, we will pick you up at the airport and transport you to our kennel, where you can meet the dam & sire, tour our farm, receive a briefing, take photos and we’ll transport you back to the airport for your return flight back home! We have had clients who have flown from San Diego, California or Seattle, Washington …. picked up their puppy and returned roundtrip back home all in the same day. We charge a $100 roundtrip transportation fee from Dayton Airport to our kennel.

    When flying to pick up your puppy, your chosen airline will charge you a fee of approximately $125 (depending on the airline) to hand carry your puppy onboard. You will need an airline-approved soft-sided travel carrier. These are typically a small nylon mesh bag with a zip-around top. They come in various sizes, but you will need to check with your chosen airline for specific dimensions and size required for an 8-week old Chow puppy which will weigh approximately 10 lbs. We provide this item for $50 and we also provide colored chest harnesses for $25 along with a matching colored leash for $20.

    Most clients opt to schedule their flights ensuring a few hours’ layover, e.g. arrive late morning with an afternoon departure. This typically allows for a shared lunch as well as a tour of our farm & kennel.

    Some clients have chosen to spend the night at a nearby hotel. A few have rented a car, but we will pick you up at the airport, transport you to our kennel and drop you off at your hotel. We have often shared an evening dinner with our clients at a local restaurant and then pick them up the next morning and transport them back to the airport for their return flight back home, with their puppy in tow!

    If your turn-around flight time does not permit a visit to our kennel, then we will meet you at the airport with your puppy, provide you with an abbreviated briefing, take a few photos and see you off on your way for your return flight back home.

  • Your third option is for D&M Farm personnel to deliver your puppy to the nearest major airport closest to your home location and you will need to meet us at the airport. When delivering a puppy, we normally charge $400 for roundtrip airfare from Dayton International Airport to most major airports within CONUS. In addition, we prefer using American Airlines and their fee for hand carrying a puppy onboard is $125. We provide the travel carrier for $50, a chest harness for $25 and a matching colored leash for $20. Our transporter’s fee is $300-$400 depending on location. This is the most expensive option for receiving your puppy, but still less than the cost of purchasing a Chow puppy in most Pet Stores.

    We strictly recommend using American Airlines if possible. They have the least restrictions and the puppies can fly when 8 weeks old. No paperwork is required.

    From the west coast, Alaskan Airlines offers direct non-stop flights from many locations to Columbus or Cincinnati. We charge a $200 transportation fee to deliver a puppy to either Columbus or Cincinnati.

    Delta Airlines requires puppies to be a minimum of 10 weeks of age to fly. However, they do not require any paperwork. but might ask you the age of the puppy. Anything less than 10 weeks and they will not allow the puppy to fly. We charge a daily kennel boarding fee of $15 for puppies held past 8 weeks old.

    United Airlines requires puppies to be a minimum of 16 weeks of age and requires a veterinary health certificate. The health certificate records the age of the puppy. If the veterinary records anything less than 16 weeks the puppy will not be allowed to fly. The cost of the health certificate is $50 and there would be a $15 daily kennel boarding fee assessed.

  • We are always available to assist you in scheduling and advice concerning the pickup of your puppy. All pickups are coordinated well in advance with each individual client. We understand that some clients who live afar might prefer to make a road trip to our farm & kennel so they can personally meet us, tour our farm & meet our Chowdren. We also understand that some clients who live relatively near might be physically unable to drive to our kennel. Other clients’ options might be limited due to time constraints from work or business requirements. Our goal is to work with you, our client, on an individual basis to ensure the best and safest pickup of your new Chow Chow puppy!



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