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Price Information

Regardless of sex all puppies that are red, black, cream, cinnamon, or blue are $1800 with AKC limited registration. For puppies with full registration (breeding rights) the price is $3000.  Since the average price of quality Chows on the market today ranges from $900 – $3,500, we consider our puppies to be very reasonably priced.

As of February 2021 we began producing chocolate Chows. Chocolates were very common in the 1920s but were almost bred out of existence by the show people who did not like the color. A lady in England was able to bring back the color and we are very fortunate to have produced our first. These puppies will be sold with a limited registration for $5000. If you desire to have breeding rights the cost will be $7500.

Puppies carrying the chocolate gene will be sold with limited registration (pets) for the price of $1800. If you wish breeding rights with these puppies their registration will cost $5000.


(Please note that puppies are subject to the 6.75% Ohio state sales tax.)

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