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Picking Up Puppies

Ideally, we schedule our puppy pickups as close as possible to the day they reach 8 weeks old, keeping in mind that most clients prefer picking up their puppy on Saturdays. Puppies are normally weaned from their mothers when around 5 weeks old. By then, they are eating soft processed wet canned Pedigree Puppy dog food and nibbling on dry kibble Puppy Chow. Once weaned from their mothers, our puppies continue to receive both dry Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chow and Pedigree Puppy canned wet food. Date and time of pickup will be coordinated to accommodate your personal desires. When you pick up your puppy, it will have received its’ first series of booster shots and will have been wormed. Unless you decline the service, your puppy will also have a microchip.  You will receive a packet containing your puppy’s AKC registration application, health record, microchip tags & info and a 6-page Chow Chow Puppy Care informational handout.  In addition, you will also receive a detailed briefing concerning the welfare and care of your puppy.

21 days from the date of your puppy’s first vaccination, you should take your puppy to your personal veterinarian for its’ second series of vaccinations and possible worming. The shot record will provide your veterinarian with the date it received its’ first vaccination, the type and amount of vaccination administered and the dates, type and amount of worming. In fact, Maleah applies the labels from the actual vaccine vials onto your puppy’s shot record for your veterinarian’s review.

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