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Microchip Service

Safeguard your pet against loss or theft.  D&M Farm Kennel offers microchip service to protect your pet. We use the Avid microchip. More information on microchips can be found on the Avid website at The microchip is a safe and dependable way of identifying your pet.


The chip, which is the approximate size of a grain of rice, is simply inserted under the skin between the shoulders of the dog. The surrounding tissue adheres to the chip preventing it from movement. The chip is imprinted with a number that can be read with a scanner. These scanners are now used by law enforcement agencies, animal shelters, animal control facilities, veterinarians, etc.

If your pet is scanned, the person can then contact Avid who will then track the chip via their database. Avid will contact you regarding your pet. If you have not transferred the chip registration to yourself, Avid will contact us here at D&M Farm Kennel. We can then contact you to let you know your pet has been found.

Once your pet is microchipped you may want to subscribe to a lost pet service. Avid provides this service and more information about it can also be found on their website.

It is also wise to include the microchip number when registering your dog with AKC. This is yet another database the microchip number can be used to locate a missing pet.

The minimal charge for this microchip service fee is $40.

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