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3 Year Health Guarantee

To our knowledge, we are the only Chow Chow breeding kennel in America that provides a most generous 3-year Health Guarantee. On a one-time basis, (not including replacement puppies) we guarantee the health of puppies purchased from our kennel against debilitating genetic defects for their first 3 years with the replacement of the puppy … if diagnosed and properly documented by a certified veterinarian and confirmed by our veterinarian. Note:  The veterinarian must state in writing that the condition will prevent the dog from leading a reasonably normal life.

If you choose to have corrective surgery to address the condition, which will enable the dog to lead a reasonably normal life with a normal life expectancy, our guarantee will not apply.  However, if you must have your dog euthanized based on your health provider’s prognosis, then our guarantee will apply with written proof of said euthanization.

Note: Entropion is a health condition commonly found in Chows, in which the dog’s eyelid(s) turn slightly inward towards the eyeball, rather than outward as they should. This causes irritation to the eye, producing excessive tearing, and if left untreated, could theoretically lead to blindness. However, if it is properly diagnosed as a puppy, it is easily treated by a simple inexpensive procedure that permanently corrects the condition for the lifetime of the dog. Although this condition can be genetically inherited, it can also develop as a result of an eye injury or infection. Therefore, due to the uncertainty, we cannot include this particular condition in our health guarantee.

The time period of our guarantee begins with the puppy’s birthday.

  • 1st Year – 100% … From your puppy’s birth to its’ first birthday, we will credit you 100% of the cost for a replacement puppy.
  • 2d Year – 50% … From its’ first birthday until its’ second birthday we will credit you 50% of the cost for a replacement puppy.
  • 3d Year – 25% … From its’ second birthday to its’ third birthday we will credit you 25% of the cost for a replacement puppy.

To validate our guarantee, you will be required to provide us with officially certified documentation from your veterinary, to include copies of X-rays, which can then be evaluated by our vet. Once you have provided us with the necessary documentation and we have confirmed the diagnosis with our vet, we will provide you with a replacement puppy, based on our guarantee, as soon as we have availability at our discretion. We will try to provide you with a puppy of the same sex, accepting the fact that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature for numbers, colors and sex. Clients already on our Waiting Lists must be taken into consideration when considering a replacement puppy. Waiting time for a replacement puppy will vary depending on the number of litters we have at any given time. If you choose to decline a replacement puppy offered, our guarantee is no longer valid. It will be the responsibility of the owner of a replacement puppy to incur all financial costs associated with vaccinations, microchipping, transportation and Ohio State sales tax.

Puppies are released for pickup when they are 8 weeks old. Any non-genetic health issues must be diagnosed within 72 hours from time of pickup, documented, and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Please note that D & M Farm Kennel cannot be held financially liable for any veterinary costs incurred with the treatment of your pet.

This health guarantee will remain valid if the current owners of D&M Farm Kennel, Darrell & Maleah Allen, maintain their current kennel operation as a business. In the event they terminate their kennel business, this guarantee will immediately cease to be valid and they will be absolved of any future obligations under this guarantee effective the date of said termination.

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