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Purchase Info - Deposits / Waiting Lists


All our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club, AKC, and all puppies will come with an AKC registration application.

Effective July 1, 2023 all our puppies are $2500 for red, black or cream, cinnamon or blue, for “limited registration”. This means one cannot register any offspring puppies sired or whelped by the dog(s) purchased. If you desire breeding rights, “full registration”, then the price for a puppy is $3500.

Our puppies are normally spoken for prior to birth from standing Waiting Lists.

A minimal $300 non-refundable deposit per puppy will guarantee and hold a puppy of your choice and the date your deposit is received determines your standing on any or all of our Waiting Lists as determined by your stated preference or non-preference for color and/or sex. There are 18 separate lists, e.g., 5 colors … red, black, cream, cinnamon & blue … male, female and no preference for sex = 15. We have 2 lists strictly for males or females, with no preference for color = 17 and 1 list for simply a Chow puppy, with no preference for color or sex = 18.

One’s $300 deposit is deducted from the total amount due on your puppy at time of pickup or delivery. Cash, personal checks, money orders, or bank cashier’s checks are acceptable for deposits, as well as deposits placed via PayPal on the Internet. Checks or money orders should be made payable to D&M Farm Kennel and mailed to 617 W. Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd., Fairborn, OH 45324. Please include a note specifying your personal preference(s) concerning color and/or sex of your puppy or puppies. If you might consider more than one preference, then please prioritize accordingly. If you have no preference(s), then please state so. Please include your name, home address, contact phone numbers, & email address.

Payments will no longer be accepted using Paypal. We will accept payments using Zelle. Payments using Zelle are instantaneous. There are no fees to use Zelle and it is secure. The account to send it to is: You will need to also send us an email with all of your personal contact information and preferences as stated above. Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be sent an invoice for your records.

Waiting List priority is strictly determined by the date your deposit is received and your stated preference(s) or non-preference for color and/or sex in relation to any & all other clientele on the same list. No one is ever forced to take a puppy that is offered. In fact, deposits may be transferred to another puppy and/or litter, in the event you might change your mind.

Note: Every attempt is made to accurately estimate when a puppy of your preference will be available. However, Mother Nature is 100% in control of pregnancies, litter births, numbers, colors, and sex. When possible, we can refer to previous litter sizes, colors, and sex in our projections. We try to be conservative in our estimates.

Balance Due: The balance on your puppy is due a minimum of 14 days prior to scheduled pickup or delivery. Notwithstanding special circumstances beyond the control of the buyer, a kennel boarding fee will be assessed at the rate of $15.00 per day from the original mutually agreed scheduled date of pickup or from the date when the puppy reached 8 weeks old.

Payments: We also accept partial payments prior to pickup or delivery. Some of our customers have found it easier to make payments between the time they originally placed their deposit and the actual date of pickup of their puppy. We accept payments as a convenience to you and will provide you with updated invoices. Effective immediately, there will be no refunds of monies received toward your puppy! If you are unable for any reason to accept a puppy offered, all funds received will transfer to a future upcoming puppy.

Price Increase: When there is a price increase, the price of your puppy will be the amount it was at the time you placed a deposit. However, if you decline a puppy after a price increase, the next puppy offered will be at the current price.

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