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The humidity must be well over 100% today here on the farm.  As soon as you step foot outside the sweat rolls!  It was so pleasant yesterday with temps in the 70s and low humidity.  Well, we are paying for it today.

We purchased a portable air conditioner for the kennel.  With these high temp days the fans just aren’t keeping it cool enough.  Now that the puppies are older I don’t have to worry about them becoming chilled.  And, the moms will be much more comfortable.  Now to figure out how to hook it up.  Not my favorite activity!

Darrell is out with the farmhand unloading the dog food we purchased yesterday.  When you purchase 15 44lb bags of dog food there is always someone who has to ask you if you have dogs.  I don’t quite understand that question.  Do they think we are eating the dog food?  Or feeding it to our other animals?  Anyway, that is being unloaded and then he is going to go get mulch.  He is the landscaper on our farm.  As those of you who have visited know, our farm has many trees, shrubs, and lots and lots of flowers.  Unless it is a downpour, there isn’t a day goes by that Darrell isn’t out tinkering in the yard.  We also can’t go anywhere where they sell flowers without coming up with more!

20160612_211618                         20160612_211754

After spending many years in Germany and visiting lost of castles, he has used many of the ideas he got from there to decorate our grounds.  He does a fantastic job and everyone enjoys the fruits of his labor.


We have four litters of puppies right now so keeping the kennel clean is a twice a day job.  The puppies love to tear up the newspapers instead of using them for their potty station.  They finally get to the point, usually, where they stop tearing up the paper and learn what it is there for.  But until then . . .

Well, it looks like we are about to have a storm so I must go check to make sure everyone and everything is put up.  My garden needs the rain so I can’t complain to much.  Besides, maybe the humidity will clear with the rain!!


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