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As many of you know, we have an African Gray Parrot named “Mr. Bud”, as well as a Jack Russell Terrier dog, named  “Jack”.  Unfortunately, the Jack Russell has a penchant for chasing birds.

On election night, Darrell and I were sitting in our recliners intently watching the election results when utter chaos broke out!  When one of the states was called for our candidate, we both simultaneously let out a war hoop.  This startled our African Gray so much that he fell off his perch, causing Jack to jump off my lap, barking at the bird.  We both yelled at Jack to stop.  Our alpha Chow, Bella, came rushing into the room to see what was happening, immediately turned and went back into the kitchen where she promptly started a fight with our other Chow, Dixie.  Darrell and I both jumped out of our chairs to stop the fight.  Once everyone was calm again, we both returned to our recliners as I cautioned Darrell how we needed to refrain from becoming excited over the election, if we wanted to have peace in our home!


Peace has returned and all is quiet.

DM Farm