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Farm History

Having spent a career in the military and having worked as civilians for the government, most of which was overseas in Germany, we purchased our own mini-farm in July 1998.

darrell-maleah-historyOur first great love is raising the classic Chinese Chow Chows. Our desire is to produce top quality Chows for others who share our love for the breed. We first had Chows for several years while living in the St. Louis, MO area during the ‘80s, and took them with us when we once again moved back to Germany. We worked overseas for the U.S. government for many years and in 1998 we moved to Ohio. Shortly after purchasing our mini-farm, we purchased 3 Chow puppies as our personal pets.  The rest is history!  Our kennel has simply evolved from our original love for the breed.

We absolutely love the whole kennel experience. We value our dogs as members of our family and thoroughly enjoy observing the miracle of having puppies and watching them grow from birth. We also enjoy matching puppies with perspective owners. We cherish the new friendships developed by visits, emails and Facebook group postings concerning the puppies as they mature. We thoroughly enjoy following the posted photos & updates from their new host families, as well as personal visits. It is such a rewarding experience to see the beautiful adult dogs that were born at D&M Farm Kennel. We strongly encourage maintaining good communication and lasting relationships with our clientele, so we can better track breeding qualities; i.e., size, coloring, traits, temperament, etc.

Our adult dogs are very socialized with sound temperaments. They make great companions and excellent watch dogs. Chows adapt easily, and are ideal for apartment living because they do not require a great amount of space to exercise. They housebreak easily and excel with other training. Chows are very loyal by nature. If you want them to be very social animals, then you should simply expose them to all types and ages of people in many different settings while they are still young. Our puppies are socialized (imprinted) from the time they are born. All parents (sires & dams) are available for your viewing and interaction. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a kennel visit.

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