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VH1 – The Fabulous Life of Martha Stewart

In 2005, Martha Stewart, a well known television celebrity, was released from custody, after having served her sentence in confinement.  To coincide with her release, the cable television program VH1 … did a biography … titled “The Fabulous Life of Martha Stewart“.   As most people are aware, Martha Stewart has had Chow Chows for many years and they were frequent guests on her show.

In preparation for this production, a representative from VH1 programming in New York City contacted us … requesting to use our kennel as the contact point for viewers of the show desiring further information concerning the Chow Chow breed and procedures for adopting one as a pet.  At the conclusion of the program showing, credits ran … one of them stating that …”if you would like further information concerning the animals that you have seen depicted on this program, please“.

We were honored that our kennel was chosen for this showing, in that it is well known that the famous celebrity Martha Stewart has been a long time advocate and ambassador for the Chow Chow breed.

For many years, there was a link to our site, if you searched on the internet for this program.  The link  has since been removed.  Nevertheless, we continue to be proud of the fact that our kennel was once chosen out of all the many breeding kennels in America to represent the Chow Chow breed.

In addition, we have also been contacted by representatives of the television program “Animal Planet” for some possible future collaboration, using our kennel.

These are examples of recognition that we value and directly attribute to our emphasis on professionalism.  We continue to strive for the highest degree of excellence in the operation of D&M Farm Kennel.

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