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AKC says: Many double-coated breeds have weatherproof coats that not only keep them warm in the winter, but also serve as insulators in the summer. A dog’s coat protects him from heat, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Shaving removes their protective layer, putting the dog’s skin at the mercy of the elements. Think of a heavy coat as your dog’s sun umbrella. Also, because dogs don’t sweat the way humans do, shaving the hair coat doesn’t actually help facilitate the thermoregulating process. Keeping a double coat in good condition with regular brushing is the best way to help a dog stay cool in summer.
This is part of our briefing to new puppy owners yet we still get pictures of dogs that have been shaved. Dogs cools themselves by panting and through sweat glands on the pads of the paws. Having your dog stand on hot pavement, concrete, or sand can increase their body temp so find cool grass or dirt for them to stand on.
That double coat acts as an insulator against heat, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Double coated breeds’ skin is not meant to see the light of day. Shaving them often ruins the consistency of the hair and often it will not grow back as luxurious as it was before. It can also change the texture.
Mother Nature knows best. Enjoy that beautiful coat! Shaving your dog is a NO, NO!

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