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Price Information

Regardless of sex or color, the price of our puppies with AKC limited registration, pet only, is $1500. For puppies with full registration the price is $2500.  Since the average price of quality Chows on the market today ranges from $900 – $3,500, we consider our puppies to be very reasonably priced.

  • Our price is the same for all colors, males & females.
  • We require no binding contractual agreements.

Shipping & handling fees for “Air Cargo” shipments are normally $450. Special shipments…i.e., “VIP” & “Priority” status shipments may vary slightly. Shipments outside the continental United States and overseas may also vary slightly. For example, shipments to Alaska normally require an overnight boarding in either Minneapolis, MN or Seattle, WA. The normal cost for this overnight boarding fee is $85. However, it does vary depending on the location.


(Please note that puppies picked up in Ohio are subject to the 6.75% Ohio state sales tax. Puppies shipped outside of Ohio are not subject to this state sales tax.)

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