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Tis the season that many are having to deal with fleas & ticks.  Preventive medicines like Advantix, Frontline, Nexgard, Trifecta, etc.; work very well, but you have to understand that you are introducing a poison into your dog’s body.  Due to the fact that the formulas change so frequently, there are no long term studies to determine if there are any adverse effects from these products.  Many of them are absorbed into the fat layer under the skin.  When this fat is burned by the body, the pesticide must flush from the body through the liver and kidneys.  In my opinion, this cannot be good for the animal, if used over an extended period of time.

However, the good news is that there are organic means of dealing with fleas & ticks.  One can find formulas on the Internet to use for the prevention & treatment of these pests.  Made from organic ingredients, these are also less likely to adversely affect your dog.  One such topical product is Avon Skin So Soft.  Simply rub it on your hands and then through your dog’s fur, especially on the legs.  It will repel ticks, fleas, & mosquitoes.  This is a very safe product.  In fact, we even applied this on our children when they were young and it worked great!

We know there are times when using preventive medicines just can’t be helped.  For instance, sand fleas in Florida are so prevalent that preventives are a must.  This year, in many parts of the country, there appears to be an overabundance of ticks! Therefore, if you have to use the preventives, use them sparingly.  We find the chewy treats, like Nexgard, are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than the topicals.  Once the pest problem has passed, discontinue use of the preventives.  Try to minimize how many doses you administer.  Due to the flea population this year in our area, we had to use preventives.  We used Nexgard, based on the advice & recommendation of our veterinary.  It has worked well.  It also kills ticks, which is also a problem this year.

Less is always better for getting the overall best results.  After all, protecting our pets and keeping them healthy is our primary concern!

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