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Many of us want to believe that anything available on the market today has been thoroughly tested and is safe for our family and pets.  However, we are finding more and more examples where this simply isn’t true.

All flea and tick preventatives are pesticides.  Because these formulas change on a regular basis, there are no long-term studies on possible side effects.  The pesticide is absorbed into the fatty layer under the skin.  When this fat is consumed by the body, the pesticide must be flushed from the system and it does so via the liver and kidneys.  It doesn’t take a medical doctor to understand that this cannot be good over a long period of time.  Some of the pesticides are absorbed into the oil glands of the skin; however.  It still makes its’ way to the liver and kidneys.

Many of us are in situations where preventatives are necessary.  We recommend that you only use them for the shortest period of time necessary.  Try treating your yard and where your pets live first.  This often will alleviate the need for ongoing flea and tick treatment. Using agricultural lime on your yard will kill pests.  Remove your pets from the yard.  Apply it with a spreader then give it a light watering to settle it down to the ground.  Once it is dry, return your pets to there yard.  The lime will not hurt them.  This is an inexpensive and safe way to control pests in your pets environment.

If you have a heavy infestation you may want to seek professional help.  Fleas carry many diseases, can suck enough blood from an animal to make them anemic, and they carry tape worms.

Understanding the medications we use on our pets will make for healthier pets.  We all want the best for them!

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