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We’ve all seen the dog pulling his owner along, going wherever he wants.  This is never a comfortable situation for the owner nor is it safe.  There are easy ways to train your dog to walk beside you.  If you start while they are young many will happily heal.  But, there are those that are so distracted by the outside world that they can’t wait for you and pull you along.  This is a hazard for you since you could trip and fall.  This, in turn, causes a hazard for the dog because they now may be loose with their leash trailing behind them.

One way of dealing with this problem is with a leash that can be wrapped around the muzzle.  This is sometimes called and Easy Walker.  The muzzle is a sensitive area so dogs do not like to pull against it.

When used correctly, this will not harm your dog.  It is an excellent training aid.  You start out without it on the muzzle.  As soon as he begins to pull you, place the loop around the muzzle and walk a few feet.  Remove the loop and try walking again.  Each time they pull you replace the loop.  Timing is the key.  You must stop and put the loop on as soon as they begin to pull.  You want them to associate the pulling with having to wear the loop.  When they begin walking calming by your side remove the loop.  Hold the leash with a firm hand but do not jerk the leash with the loop on the muzzle.  This could cause injury. This will be a repetitive process and can require several sessions with some dogs.  But, in the end you will have a well trained, pleasant walker by your side.

So many animals become throw aways simply because they are ill mannered and not trained.  No one wants to be around unruly children or pets.  Unfortunately, our pets can be gotten rid of it they become a problem.  Trained pets are much more pleasant to be around and they do not typically cause stressful situations.  Training is your responsibility, they can’t train themselves.

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